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Transportation Solutions

Open Carrier Vehicle Transport

With this option, your vehicle is placed onto an open carrier truck and carried to its destination. With an Open Carrier, your vehicle will be exposed to the elements.

Open Carrier is our most cost effective method, and the most widespread in the automotive transport industry.  Most normal-use vehicles are good candidates for this type of truck transport. 

This option is individually supervised and tracked by our management team - delivering complete status updates from the beginning to the end of each transport. We are fully insured and maintain a remarkable, accident-free safety record.

Enclosed Carrier Vehicle Transport

Enclosed Carriers provide your vehicle with additional protection and safety from the elements such as inclement weather, dust, or debris.


This method is frequently used to transport classic, antique, luxury or highly customized vehicles. Our entertainment industry clients frequently favor this type of transport.


We have the ability to insure these specialty automobiles to meet you or your buyer's requirements and recommend this type of transport for your prized-possession vehicles.

Motorcycle & Specialty Vehicles

Specialty Vehicles include: Motorcycles, Dirt Bikes, 3-Wheelers, Utility Vehicles, & Scooters. 

With our operating principles, the quality of customer service that Global AutoCarry delivers is what makes us different. Since every specialty vehicle is unique, our dedication throughout the entire process exceeds the industry standard.


Our door-to-door transport service moves your specialty vehicle with trained professionals. Let Global AutoCarry, Inc. give you peace of mind that your vehicle will be treated with the same care that you do.


Our global network allows us to offer a wide array of specialized equipment and services that are all at a competitive rate while ensuring our clients have the best possibilities available to transport their prized possessions.

Fleet Solutions

We know first hand the pressures on fleet managers, and unlike many of our larger rivals, when you call us, you get a real person on the phone with extensive experience who can quickly give you status reports, provide you with a quote, or help you resolve a time sensitive or complex move.


Global AutoCarry, Inc. managers will keep you informed every step of the way. Whether your move is only one vehicle, several truck loads across the US, or shipping internationally, Global AutoCarry, Inc. plans every facet of the journey and closely monitors its progress. 

Our WebPortal is unique in that it will allow you to track all of your vehicles at once, see status updates on demand, as well as access your invoice. 

Personal & "Snow-Bird" Transportation Solutions

You Fly | We Auto-Carry

Whether you are a Winter Visitor heading from your winter home to your paradise get-away, a student moving across the country, relocating military personnel, or someone who just needs their vehicle relocated, we are here for you!

Fly comfortably and leave your vehicle transportation worries to us.

We deliver the same top notch quality service to individuals as we do to Fortune 500 companies. No person or order is too small to merit our highest priority or care. 

*We truly believe in the sacrifice and service that our Military Personnel give and would like to offer a 15% discount for all active and retired Military. 

Dispatching Services

If you are an Owner / Operator of a car hauler or other vehicle carrier in need of a dispatcher, our dispatching department is dedicated to helping Owner / Operators find more loads. We manage the logistics so you can get back to driving! 

Call or email for more information:


Salvaged / In-operable Vehicles

A car is considered in-operable when it cannot be functionally operated for any reason. Non-working cars can create a problem when shipping because most vehicles are wheeled, driven, or towed onto the transport platform.

The process of shipping an in-operable or salvaged car is a little more detailed than shipping a car that’s functional and unharmed. It takes the use of different equipment such as a forklift or winch to get the vehicle loaded onto a truck, where it is properly secured for its transport.

Auto Auctions

Our dedicated team makes it easy to transport your vehicle(s) from any auction to your location. 

Information needed to schedule your transport:

- Location Verification (Auction Branch or sublot)

- VIN #

- Lot # or Stock #

- Buyer #

- Gate Pass (if required)

Auto Export

Our Export services are available for vehicles originating in the United States (and its territories) only. 


We are able to deliver your vehicle to a United States international port then handle the logistics of shipping it worldwide!


Please note that once the vehicle arrives at its port of destination, outside of the United States and its territories, we can no longer manage its shipment. 

Shipping of All Non-Household Items

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