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Truckaway Services

Global AutoCarry, Inc.'s Truckaway division offers a vehicle relocation system with open and enclosed carriers. Both options are individually supervised and tracked by our management team - delivering complete status updates from the beginning to end of each transport.


The experienced professional drivers are carefully chosen, extensively schooled in safety, our customer-first policies and company procedures. We are fully insured and maintain a remarkable safety record.


All personal items need to be cleared out of the vehicle, and it will need to have no more than 1/4 of a tank of fuel.

Q: Which type of carrier is best for my vehicle?
Open Carrier

We recommend our Open Carrier Transport option for those clients who may be more price sensitive and somewhat flexible in their time requirements. Most normal-use vehicles are good candidates for this type of truck transport.

*Most Cost Effective Option*

Enclosed Carrier

Enclosed Carrier Transport provides your vehicle with additional protection and safety from the elements such as inclement weather, dust or debris. This method is frequently used to transport classic, antique, luxury or highly customized vehicles. Our entertainment industry clients frequently favor this type of transport. We have the ability to insure these specialty automobiles to meet your or your buyer's requirements.

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